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Templates / Go / Pulumi - How to use

The following info was pulled from latest release v0.0.3.

How to use

For more info on how this release was built, see README.

Start a new empty project folder

mkdir new-project
cd new-project
git init

Unpack a v0.0.3 template

# Using Tar
curl | tar zx
# Or Zip

Commit (using a multi-line git commit message)

git add .
git commit -F- <<EOF
Initial commit using template v0.0.3

See here for more info on this template:

Startup Devcontainer using VSCode

code -n .

Start Devcontainer

  • Open project folder with VSCode
  • Install the recommended (required) extension
  • F1, Reopen in Container

How to update existing template (work in progress)

  • In your .devcontainer/Dockerfile, update the docker tag used in the FROM.
  • In VSCode, F1, search and run "Rebuild Container"
  • Once read, a terminal will open and show the final steps.
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