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Pulumi Go project template

This repo builds a Pulumi Go template that includes: - A devcontainer - Build from a debian image - With Go, Go tools, Pulumi - With vault, gcloud-sdk, direnv, terraform (to configure cloud buckets and Vault for Pulumi) - Various direnv and Makefile "libs" included (to use Pulumi, make docker images, go builds, vault) - Pre-built and pre-packaged (larger download, much quicker devcontainer build time)

GitLab-CI pipelines are not yet part of the template.


For convenience, this template is setup to use Pulumi in a specific manner. You will need:

  • A GCP bucket
  • Access to a Vault instance (with enough permissions to fully use the transit engine for a specific key)
  • Ability able to run Devcontainers

How to use

  • Open the latest gitlab release
  • Follow the instructions
  • Open folder with VSCode
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