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A Devcontainer template, for Terraform

This projects builds: - a devcontainer image: gives the dev environment - a gitlab-ci image: helps in pipelines - end user template packages: with bells and whistles - holds a gitlab-ci library: usable from any gitlab instances

Template packages now also includes 3 terraform template to get started with basic and secure ways.

How to use

  • Open the latest gitlab release
  • Follow the instructions
  • Open folder with VSCode
    • It should suggest you to install the remote container extension
    • A Reopen in container popup should then appear
    • Otherwise F1, search and run Reopen in Container

Note: VSCode may get annoying with popups if you already have many extensions. You may have dialog boxes all ignored since long ago, and need to do 1 or 2 steps manually to setup and start.

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