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WSL2 - Docker Dev - Ubuntu 22.04 - Systemd

The purpose of this repo is to regularly rebuild a WSL2 image from Ubuntu 22.04, with docker engine, git, ssh, gpg and VSCode dependencies included.

This image can run in parallel without conflict* with other windows docker solutions like Docker Desktop and Rancher Desktop.

Note: Rancher Desktop itself can mess up docker in a WSL distribution even if its service is not enabled on that distribution.

What it includes

  • docker engine
  • installed with linux instructions (apt-get install docker)
  • ssh-agent
  • the one that comes with linux
  • including an .ssh/config to start with
  • gpg-agent
  • with a utility to help configure git commit signing
  • .gitconfig
  • with sensible defaults to start with, and plenty of aliases

All of the above is provided by a separate project that this one and its sibling uses. See common/dev-setup README for more info.

Requirements for Systemd integration in WSL

Systemd support in WSL is not yet fully rolled out. You may need to do extra work to enable this feature.

See common/dev-setup README for more details on how to enable this feature.

How to import this WSL image in your Windows desktop

The instructions on how to import a WSL image is generated by a pipeline for each new tag.

See the latest Release to get the started.

What can you do with an imported WSL image

You can do a lot of things right away with your new image other then docker ps.

See the common/dev-setup README for all the information on what you can do with it.


All frequently asked questions are in common/dev-setup README.

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